Only the director, staff, and performing members may have direct access to the specific production's Dropbox Folder. If music needs to be uploaded for your students or performers outside of Dropbox, this should be done on a private (password protected) webpage. In an effort to protect the music, please make sure the scores and music files are never posted or distributed publicly. You will be required to sign an agreement prior to file delivery in regard to this.

Regional Exclusivity:

Michael Brown Media bases Regional Exclusivity on the circuits that each group competes in. It is your responsibility to report every circuit you plan to attend including: independent shows not sanctioned by a circuit, local circuits, and national circuits. No show will be sold twice in the same local circuit or local show. It is very important that every customer reports accurate circuit info to guarantee regional exclusivity for all groups. Michael Brown does not take any financial responsibility for groups who perform shows outside of the regional information they provide at the time of purchase or to any school who has an infringing school compete within a show or circuit that an authorized Michael Brown Media group is performing. Any break in this exclusivity due to a change in plans for that given school without written consent from Michael Brown is the sole responsibility of the offending school or organization. Michael Brown will attempt to contact and work with the school ahead of time if alerted, but can't promise action will be taken.

Time Period for a show once purchased:

The shows are to be used for one competitive season. If a group wants to use the work beyond that in any fashion, whether competitive or not, additional permission will be required from Michael Brown Media in advance.

Refund Policy:

Michael Brown Media is unable to offer refunds on any designs. Because sales come with regional exclusivity, the show was reserved for a customer in their area and may have caused the action of turning away other groups who have inquired about the same show in the same region. Once students/staff have had access to the music, there is no way to "return the product." In some cases, extended use of the show is available for the following year due to season cancellations, etc. Please use the Contact Page to discuss further options.