Hello there, I'm Michael Brown!

I compose and arrange music for film & tv, marching percussion, and various musical genres and styles. I also offer promotional media content such as event flyers, business branding, advertisement, and more. My goal is to take the design aspect off of your palette and cultivate creative solutions to help move your imagination forward. I will draw upon my experiences to deliver accessible and engaging material that will take your ideas to the next level.



These productions are strong in all areas of performance! Each design concept has carefully planned effects and moments to take your audience on an incredible musical and visual journey. These designs are exciting and fun to play, and will help your group stand out at the local or national level!


Battery and Front Ensemble Exercises that are great for ensembles of all skill levels. Each exercise is designed to work at various tempo ranges for maximum growth. You can choose individual exercises, or select from full packaged options. These exercises will take your performer's abilities to the next level!


Providing your ensemble with custom and innovative designs that will fit your performer's skill level. I also pride myself on producing products that are interesting and fun to perform! Along with the music design, I will also design a perfect soundscape for your group to fully maximize your concept.